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Designed to refine and improve your freediving skills,

allowing you to progress slowly while learning how your body performs during   apnea (suspension of breathing).​


Imagine you can swim with the speed of Dolphins or kick as efficient as whales.

Monofin is a unique  fin design inspired by dolphins and whales tale,

Made for those that seeks more ability and speed underwater or on the surface.

Learning Monofin require building good skills of condonation and building

a strong core, to be able to use it efficiently and enjoy it the best.

Even if you might think you can not have the skill to do that,

I can help you through training and guidance to be able to add 

this skills at the your personality's save.

What you Can Learn

  • Proper Dolphin kick techniques movements  and coronation with and without Fins.

  • Using Deferent types of MonoFins 

  • All Knowledge needed to know about different types of the Monofins
    materials and all supported equipments used with the Monofin.

Course Includes

  • Full Equipment​

  • Training

  • Complementary Certificate Signed by Shehab Allam 

Available Languages

  • English

English Icon
  • Arabic

Arabic Icon


12 Hours 


250 AED / Per Hour

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