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Male  Advance Swimmer training

Advanced Swimming

Learn more advanced swimming skills, include the correct arms movements, correct breathing techniques and start enjoying the swimming much easier and much effective.

What you Can Learn

  • Learn Correct Freestyle Breathing technique.

  • Learn correct freestyle arms stroke.

  • Learn correct freestyle legs movements.

  • Learn Movements 

  • Learn how to stand in the deep water up to 10 Mins.

  • Swim up to 100 Meters Freestyle swimming.

Course Includes

  • Training

Swimming Icon Decoration
  • Certificate Signed by Shehab Allam 

Available Languages

  • English

English Icon Decoration
  • Arabic

Arabic Icon Decoration


12 Hours

Terms &

  • Participants Allowed 7 Years Old +

  • All Sessions packages are Valid for

          60 Days from the date of the first conducted session.

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