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Free diver falling down in the depth of the ocean in a freediving course

Discover the art of breath-hold diving, where every dive is an awe-inspiring adventure and every moment takes your breath away. Join us as we unlock the mysteries of the deep and unleash the inner aquatic explorer within you.



Monofin Speciality

Learn The Art of using a Monofin, and feel the power of using the fastest swimming tool in the water.

Coming Soon
Mermaid Setting on a rock, Learn Mermaid Swimming

Mermaid Tale Speciality

Learn The How to swim with a  Mermaid Tale, and enjoy the blue as a Mermaid or a Merman.

Coming Soon
Spear Fishing in the sea, Learn Spear Fishing in Dubai

Spear Fishing Speciality

Learn to Use The Speargun
with all the tips of making a successful and safe hunt.

Coming Soon
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